Artisan Images

Artisan Images/Fine Art

There are many different ideas as to what defines fine art and no definitive answer; for me, I think of my work in this area as my artisan images, which is where the idea for the studio name originated. Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines an artisan as “a worker who practices a trade or handicraft” and I feel that every day when I grab my camera and explore, I practice and work on my handicraft. I seek the unusual, and the eye-catching as I strive to create a unique image, hopefully capturing something not always noticed.

These are my “for fun” photographs, ones that I play and experiment with, either with photo editing or perhaps combining with other mediums to create something unique and compelling. These images or art pieces could be from my travels, a walk around the city, a night sky, a studio session, or some macro photography from my backyard. These pieces will be available to purchase through the website link to my online store (coming soon).