3D Virtual Tours

3D Virtual Tours Powered by Matterport – Virtual Technology That is Not Just for Real Estate!

Do you have a building or venue that needs to be sold, showcased, built, renovated, or visually documented? The superior Matterport Pro 2 camera and the Matterport Cloud stitch together detailed 2D photography and 3D data into stunningly immersive and interactive 4K HDR walkthrough tours. This technology can be used to showcase any location with a 3D dollhouse view complete with floor plans and other deliverables and assets. Artisan Images by Leah provides on-site 3D documentation for the following sectors:

  • Construction, Architecture, and Engineering
  • Facilities Management
  • Public Safety
  • Hospitality, Tourism, Cultural, and Event Venues
  • Insurance and Property Claims Loss Documentation
  • Real Estate – Residential, Commercial, Property Managers
  • RTMs, Mobile Homes, Travel Trailers, RVs, Park Models, Tiny House Models – Dealers and Sales

Assets and deliverables from a single scan session can include:

  • Immersive and interactive 3D Room-by-Room/Floor-by-Floor Walkthrough Model
  • Dollhouse view
  • Video highlight reel
  • Digital and print-ready 2D image files
  • 2D birds’ eye floor plan view
  • 360° photosphere exterior views of the building, venue and its locale
  • 3D measurements 
  • Identifying and labelling of property locations, features, and equipment using Mattertags – can be linked to external documents, videos, websites etc to convey additional information
  • Embeddable links for websites and social sharing
  • Secure sharing with stakeholders and collaborators via Matterport Cloud
  • Hosting on the secure Matterport Cloud
  • Schematic Floor Plans – high quality scale drawings bases on scan data
  • Reflective ceiling plan images
  • Floor plans to create 2D CAD files
  • Colourized point clouds (xyz format BIM files)
  • 3D Mesh OBJ files

Matterport a la Carte Products/Services

  • Pre-site orientation 
  • Video Clips (short and long version of walkthrough) 
  • Mattertags 
  • Labels
  • Photographs taken from 3D tour views
  • Exterior 360° Photosphere 
  • Annual Hosting Fee – once first 12 months expires

These add-ons can be added as per request


  • Scan session fee and square foot pricing are based on sector, type of location, accessibility.
  • Square footage based on total living/working space. Attached home garages will be included in scans.
  • Other outbuildings (detached garages, barns, shops, guest houses etc. will be considered as separate spaces and will be scanned upon request at the cost/square foot pricing).
  • Artisan Images by Leah reserves the right to refuse unsafe scan locations.
  • Travel fees of $0.60/km will be charged for jobs outside of Brandon.




Venue Promotion


Construction, Architecture, Engineering

Take your stakeholders on a 3D walk-through tour of your construction job-site. Utilizing the Matterport 3D technology on new and as-built construction projects can provide visual construction documentation, progress reports, milestone scans, and remote job-site monitoring. Use the 3D tour for marketing purposes, showcase your workmanship, or create buzz for a grand opening. Enhance communication and reduce site visits with stakeholders.

Receive outputs and deliverables such as 3D dollhouse walk-through tours, 3D measurements, 2D JPEG image files, 360° photospheres, and other specific to construction such as reflective ceiling plan images, schematic floor plans to create 2D CAD files, colourized point clouds (xyz format BIM files), and 3D mesh OBJ files.

Users include owner/operators, architects and engineers, design professionals, estimators, general contractors, project managers, sub-trades, and facility managers.

Facilities Management

Create an immersive 3D walk-through tour and generate accessible and easy to use tools to document the physical space, equipment, and contents and to remote share the space with those who need “access” and visuals from afar.

Ideal for keeping stakeholders in the loop and for employee orientation and training, the tour will “walk” personnel through the site, identifying locations and important components. Create in-tour Mattertags which label key infrastructures or components. These tags can be linked to documents, websites, videos etc. for training, content sharing, and safety purposes.

Allow stakeholders access to site viewing of the facility via the 3D tour hosted on the secure Matterport Cloud.  

Public Safety

Public safety and site security for a facility are enhanced by using current up-date immersive 3D models and virtual tours to view the entire interior of a site, room-by-room and floor-by-floor as well as 360° exterior views.

Gone are the days of flipping through outdated floor plans and blueprints to assess a building for risks and and to prepare for critical events. Plan, identify risks, and vulnerabilities, create safety measures, determine efficient and safe evacuation routes, and train staff for emergency situations using high definition 3D models.

Liaise with first responders and emergency personnel in the event of an emergency with up-to-date site viewing, location tagging, and facility data hosted on the secure Matterport cloud

 Insurance and Property Claims Loss Documentation

Improve your loss claim documentation by taking your adjusters, estimators, consultants and other insurance stakeholders on a virtual 3D tour of an insurance claim site.

Utilizing Matterport’s 3D technology at a claim location can provide visual loss documentation of the claim site, including contents with precision, speed, and cost efficiency. The 3D technology results in high resolution details and measurements of the location.

Critical assets such as accurate schematic floor plans and 360° exterior views can also be created. Remote adjusting or estimating can be supported by this visual documentation.

The 3D claim walk-through tour and visual assets can be shared securely and easily with necessary stakeholders. Most homes can be scanned in approximately an hour, depending on damage and accessibility. Commercial and larger scans will require more time depending on square footage.

Getting accurate, timely, and detailed information on a loss will assist in processing a claim and help you get clients back into their homes or businesses as soon as possible. 

Hospitality, Tourism, Cultural, and Event Venues

Have a venue that needs dynamic and creative promoting? Tables, rooms, or event spaces that need customers and clients? Generate interest, drive return visits, and inspire booking confidence for customers, guests, and event planners by providing a real sense of the venue. Highlight the amenities and key features utilizing a stunningly immersive, high resolution 3D tour as a part of your promotion and marketing platform.

Whether your space is tea house, a home rental, a restaurant or bar, a 3D tour will entice your customers with interior room-by-room and floor-by-floor walk-throughs, “dollhouse” views, 360° exterior photospheres, 2D photographs, and 2D bird’s eye floor plan views.

Wedding and banquet venues, arenas, or even entire hotels can be scanned to create a 3D tour enabling website visitors to explore before booking or arrival. Museums and galleries can engage visitors with the beauty of the facility and the displays and entice them to explore in in greater detail in person.

Large, small, and everything in between, Artisan Images by Leah can scan your venue and typically within a day or two, provide you with a link that can be easily shared via your website.

Real Estate – Residential, Commercial, Property Managers

For the cost of 2D real estate photography, a Matterport scan session can provide a virtual open house for your clients and potential buyers or renters. Stand out from other real estate professionals and property managers with creative and innovative marketing assets for your residential, commercial, or revenue listings with high resolution 3D walk-through tours. Matterport 3D tours are superior to a typical 360° interior scan, providing more detailed information and a clearer sense of a property’s features and layout. 

Deliverables include the 3D walk-through tour, dollhouse view, video highlight reel, digital and print-ready 2D jpg image files and bird’s eye floor plan views. A Matterport 3D scan offers your clients a distinctive 3D room-by-room, floor-by-floor walk-through experience that provides a virtual open house from anywhere and at any time.

Showcase 360° exterior views of the property and locale and provide high-quality floor plans accurate to within 1% of reality directly from a 3D model scan if needed. Highlight property features such as granite countertops, professional grade appliances, home improvements, or create links to community amenities with a unique labeling system called Mattertags.

These high quality immersive and interactive tours are MLS compatible and are easily embedded on your website or social media to attract leads and market to key audiences.

Be it a condo or apartment unit, a cute and cozy slab or executive-style home, a multi-family complex, commercial listing, or industrial warehouse – Artisan Images by Leah has a price for every size and type of building.

RTMs, Mobile Homes, Travel Trailers, RVs, Park Models, Tiny House Models

For your moveable and mobile property’s marketing and promotions, a Matterport 3D walk-through tour can take your customers on a virtual open house from anywhere and anytime.

From one scan session, for the cost of 2D photography, you will receive a superior 3D walk-through tour, dollhouse view, video highlight reel, digital and print-ready 2D jpg image files, and bird’s eye floor plan views.

Highlight property features such as granite countertops, appliances, built-ins, or create links to brand amenities with Mattertags, the in-tour labeling system from Matterport.

Use this technology on your business website, or embed into your social media to attract leads and market to key audiences. Showcase your mobile buildings, stand out from competitors, and increase customer engagement with 3D walk-through tours of your units. Pricing for multiple units is available.